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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Your De-Identified DNA Can Identify You….

Genetic testing is here, is not going to get less common and we will all have our DNA mapped by 2020….but I could be wrong – it could be 2018.  However, when you pay to have your DNA analyzed for ancestry, cancer risk, work out optimization, finding a mate without recessive genes, etc – all that DNA data is being resold for economic reasons, stored by ‘the government’ in case they need to find the person who committed a crime (or has a profile that may commit a crime…), stolen by Chinese biologic warriors to make a ‘Western only killing biologic’ and so many other things you or I have never thought of….. BOLO, be diligent about loss of privacy of your DNA, you have been alerted – if legislation comes up to protect DNA – don’t worry about which party wrote the legislation, worry about protecting your (and your family’s) privacy…..


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