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The Breast Blogatorials


Editor’s comment: It is not the general policy of the Breast Care Network website to plug a commercial endeavor. However, we make an exception in this case for a special person who is one of our own.


Hollingsworth2By this time many of you know Alan Hollingsworth and if not, you should. Alan is one of the finest thinkers in the breast cancer world. Alan was born in Oklahoma and seemed to be glued in place through his college years at University of Oklahoma as well as medical school (boomer sooner!). Following his surgical training at O.U., he did fellowships in anatomic pathology at UCLA as well as vascular surgery. Alan was the founding director of the University of Oklahoma Breast Health. He is the author of three books, two fiction and one non-fiction. He has 43 publications to his credit many of which relate to breast screening and more specifically MRI. He is currently a Principle Investigator on an NCI-funded grant regarding MRI-screening.

I wanted you to now a bit about Alan because now he has now published in book form, a compendium of his breast cancer essays and blog posts. The book is called THE BEST BREAST BLOGATORIALS. Knowing Alan, this cannot be anything but a good read.

The book will of course be available on Amazon and can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website. Look for more updates on Alan Hollingsworth's personal website.


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