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Available Clinical Trials Update - The Alliance Alternate Trial, from Gary Unzeitig MD

Dear BCN:

I’m going to write you periodically about ongoing clinical trials , trials soon to come, and other research  related issues. I’d say that the ALTERNATE trial is currently my favorite. Eligible patients have palpable tumors > 2cm ER + >70%,  Her-2 negative.

There is a 3 arm randomization, as shown, to one of 3 neoadjuvant endocrine arms. Arm 1 is Arimidex (A). Arm 2 is Faslodex (F). Arm 3 is A+F. Repeat cores/blood are due at week 4. Ki67 must be 10 or less to stay on their assigned arm (patients find this very reassuring) to complete 6mos.

I know the schema looks complicated but in reality, its very straightforward and very few patients are switched to chemotherapy.

A011106 Newsletter August 2017 (1)

And I’ve attached a flier for an upcoming Clinical Congress Course Surgical Oncology for the Rural and Community Surgeon”


Following that you might want to attend  PS333 - Clinical Trial: Why and How You Should Incorporate Them into Your Practice Wednesday, October 25, 2017  4:15 PM  to 5:45 PM  Location : 30B-E.







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