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Miami Breast BCN Discount Code

For all of the Breast Care Network and TME Breast Care leaders and advisory group:
The Miami Breast Conference organizers have recognized our special position as an important regional/global leader in breast care. They are offering a special discount for our group for 2020.
It should be a great meeting. We are planning a TME happy hour (hopefully poolside). Please consider coming to Miami this March. The MBC is unique because it has such strong surgical representation in a multidisciplinary meeting. Like TME it's a great opportunity to incorporate the latest developments in breast practice, with a particular emphasis in Miami on the intersection of new systemic, local and regional treatments, in the neoadjuvant setting and otherwise.
NOTE: OFFER EXPIRES January 15 (a grace period might be possible but can't count on it)
Miami Breast Discount Invite to TME!


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