Peter Beitsch, MD/

Marketing to Your Genes

Helix is offering to perform whole exome sequencing of DNA - yes all 22,000 genes for $80 and store it on the web.  On the surface, Helix’s base sequencing fee is a real bargain. But once they have your genes, it’s a pay-as-you-go buffet of personal genomics lifestyle products. Want to see what your genes say about the best exercise for your body? Then you might add one of DNAFit’s fitness apps to your shopping cart. Want to know which foods your body has a harder time metabolizing? Then maybe you want the EmbodyDNA app from Lose It!.  OR if you are planning on getting pregnant and want to see if you have any worrisome recessive genes (so if you do you would want your spouse tested to see if they also have the same recessive gene), then you order the Sema4 test of  67 genetic diseases (After you select the test, Sema4 requires that you submit some additional health information to a doctor online, who then reviews it before giving the final okay. That's a precaution the company takes to stay on the right side of current regulations.)  Anyway the world is changing and genetic testing is not going away - get ready for many different ways to get all your genes sequenced!https://www.wired.com/story/helixs-bold-plan-to-be-your-one-stop-personal-genomics-shop/?mbid=nl_72417_p9&CNDID=31733544

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