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Alcohol Prescriptions.....Hmmmm reminds me of something?

This story reminds of something but I can't quite put my finger on it.

During the first six months of Prohibition (which lasted from 1920-1933), 15,000 doctors applied for alcohol prescribing permits!. Yet due to a lack of federal oversight, pharmacists and physicians easily turned what was meant as a merciful concession into a lucrative loophole. By prescribing access to pharmacies stocked like liquor stores, it allowed them to become wealthy by selling a way out of Prohibition.

As the Declarer of all things Dead, I predict laws making marijuana illegal will be dead by 2020, but I could be wrong....

...it could be 2018!  the patchwork of laws across this country are untenable and the taxes to be harvested are too great to keep marijuana illegal (much less the savings from stopping criminal prosecution and incarceration of 'offenders').


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