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Peter D. Beitsch, MD/

Cyber Monday for Genomic Testing - Whole Genome Sequencing for $199

Ever think you would hear about a holiday special for genomic testing? Veritas Genetics is offering this $999 whole genome testing for the first 1000 people who send in their spit samples.  

Genomic testing"Everyone will have their entire genome sequenced by 2020, but I could be wrong .....it might be 2018."  These words were spoken by a wise man 3 years ago and everyone laughed at him.  Well Veritas Genetics has a Christmas present for all of us:  whole genome sequencing for only $199

Genetics will change all of healthcare in the next decade:  risk for cancer--already occurring; cardiovascular risk--yep; pairing hypertension drugs to your genetics, as well as matching radiation susceptibility--coming soon; identifying predisposition to opioid addiction, pre-eclampsia, rheumatoid arthritis—all in the near future, and it goes on and on.  Whole genome sequencing will potentially save lives and improve health in unprecedented ways.  As Pat Whitworth, MD always says:  “BOLO:  Be On the Look Out for genetic medicine and get your genome sequenced.”  Well, it can't get much cheaper....or can it??

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