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Dr Gittleman's Coding Corner: Oncoplastic Lumpectomy

Question: Following a lumpectomy for breast cancer, I placed a 3-D partial breast prosthetic+marker device (BioZorb) for partial breast construction as part of the oncoplastic cavity closure. Is there a CPT for this?

Answer: In addition to coding 19301 for the partial mastectomy, CPT code 19340 –(Immediate insertion of breast prostheses following mastopexy, mastectomy, or in reconstruction) can be used. Other possibilities to consider are 19366 (breast reconstruction with other technique) or the unlisted breast procedure code 19499.


Question: While performing a lumpectomy with oncoplastic crescent mammoplasty, I then performed a contralateral crescent mastopexy for symmetry. How do I code this?

Answer:  The lumpectomy is coded 19301; the oncoplastic deficit reconstruction is coded 19316 (mastopexy) or 19366 (breast reconstruction with other technique). The contralateral crescent mastopexy for symmetry is coded 19316 (or 19316-50 if bilateral). The ICD-10 codes for the lumpectomy are the location-specific C50 (malignant neoplasm of breast) code, and N65.1 (disproportion of reconstructed breast) for the mastopexy.

Mark Gittleman M.D.


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