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Dr. Gittleman's Coding Corner: How to code BIS procedure for lymphedema assessment

Question: How do I code a bioimpedance spectroscopy procedure (BIS)to assess the presence of lymphedema?

Answer: When performing a BIS (bioimpedance spectroscopy) procedure for baseline lymphedema evaluation prior to axillary surgery, or when performing BIS post axillary surgery to monitor for the development of pre-clinical lymphedema, the appropriate CPT code is 93702 {bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS), extracellular fluid analysis for lymphedema assessment}. For 2017, 93702 has an RVU of 3.49 (non-facility setting) which yields an average Medicare reimbursement of $125. Pair the ICD-10 code I89.9 (noninfective disorder of lymphatic vessels, unspecified) to the 93702 procedure code.

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