Recorded Webcast: DCISionRT

Leading breast cancer experts Drs. Rakesh Patel and Pat Whitworth, along with PreludeDx Chief Scientific Officer and Founder, Dr. Troy Bremer, reviewed the latest predictive data supporting Prelude DCISionRT and discussed how DCISionRT is changing the way DCIS is managed today.

With 60,000 new pure DCIS patients diagnosed annually in the US, Drs. Rick Brown and James Pellicane offer insights as to how they use this test in their practice when counseling DCIS patients.  Currently 77% of DCIS patients have breast conserving surgery (BCS), but only 66% of these continue with radiation therapy (RT).   The point of this test is to determine which patients will truly benefit from RT, and to avoid “the overtreatment of all patients in order to not undertreat a few”.

DCISionRT® is a risk assessment test for patients with DCIS that predicts radiation therapy benefit with Level 1B clinical evidence.  It provides a woman’s recurrence risk after breast conserving surgery alone and with the addition of radiation therapy. DCISionRT combines molecular biology with key clinicopathologic factors and was developed specifically for DCIS.  The study presented in this webcast showed that when using traditional clinical pathologic factors, 59% of the low risk patients would have benefitted from RT, while 29% of the high risk patients would not.  The doctors felt that this test helped patients feel more confident about their RT decision because it was personalized to them and not just in general.

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