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Recorded Webcasts from BCN Experts


Recorded BCN webcasts provide timely and clinically relevant information on a variety of breast cancer topics. TME Breast Care Network doctors discussed recent clinical findings.



MINDACT Trial Recorded Webcast

Recorded: October 17, 2018


This recorded webcast shares how the MINDACT trial data shows how best to utilize the MammaPrint genomic test in daily practice.  Dr. Pellicane discusses how MammaPrint determines the risk of distant recurrence and how to reduce that risk by offering chemotherapy to those patients who will benefit from it while not harming patients who can safely avoid chemotherapy.  MINDACT included node positive patients in the study, making MammaPrint the only test integrated in the ASCO and NCCN guidelines that includes node positive patients. From this data Dr. Audeh shows that node positive (1-3) but genomic low risk patients had no benefit from chemotherapy.  He also discusses MammaPrint ultralow patients that may do well without even Endocrine therapy.


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TAILORx Clinical Study Recorded Webcast

Recorded: October 10, 2018


This recorded webcast by Dr. Christy Russel and moderated by Drs. Beitsch & Whitworth, first shows those genomic tests that can be used to guide chemotherapy decisions and those that are prognostic for the purpose of avoiding chemotherapy.  More in-depth, is the data from the TAILORx study that shares clinical findings and relevance of Oncotype Dx recurrence scores of 11-25 with a lively discussion regarding therapy for these patients.


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EndoPredict Clinical Findings Recorded Webcast

Recorded: October 5, 2018


This recorded webcast shares the clinical trial results behind the EndoPredict (Myriad) test that is one of 5 genomic tests in the ASCO approved guidelines.  Used to predict the 10 year recurrence rate for HR+HER2 negative patients, the expert panel discusses when and why they order this test


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